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CD: Askultura - You Stank, We Skank... (EP)
CD: Askultura - You Stank, We Skank... (EP)

CD: Askultura - You Stank, We Skank... (EP)

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This 6-song EP is a great introduction to our wonderful friends Askultura and their Miami-style mezcla music with ska/punk influences.

In the band's own words:
"Askultura formed up in late 2009 just as Miami was wondering why the hell it was so damn cold that 8 people huddled together and made loud, fast, danceable music that would warm everyone up. ASKU's present lineup stands on the shoulders of 7 friends & relatives who try to Have a Good Time All the Time and make music that makes asses shake & brains bake & inspire revolutionary activities...not too much to ask for is it? Is it?

Our friends, family, and you girls & guys are what keeps this Thing going cuz without you we're just singing for ourselves...and while that's all good and fine we really like singing to you. ASKU has range...Reggae up to Ska, Punk battles Cumbia and we mess with the Patchanka sound coming out of the camp of the great Manu Chao. With song & words that tell stories, hit on jail, blue skirts, work, and 2012 the aim is to build a sense of Togetherness during the set...something you can take home and catch yourself thinking about the next day and the next..."that was a freakin good time...."

Track Listing:
1) Domestic Insecurities
2) One Asshole At A Time (We're The Assholes)
3) Mamma Says
4) 305
5) I Want To Be Free
6) Heads Up

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