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CD: Derrick Morgan - This is Derrick Morgan
CD: Derrick Morgan - This is Derrick Morgan

CD: Derrick Morgan - This is Derrick Morgan

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UK IMPORT CD - Jewel case with 8-panel booklet

Derrick Morgan is one of the greats of Jamaican music, and the undisputed king of ska. But his recording career did not stop in 1967 when the sound of ska slowed down into rocksteady. Nor did it stop in 1968 when rocksteady evolved into the early sound of reggae. This set was first released in 1974, when reggae was king, under the name In the Mood, but the working title had been This Is Derrick Morgan. The working title follows the format by which the world of reggae would normally introduce a new singer with a showcase album. In this case, for the first reissue of this album, the working title is restored to reintroduce Derrick Morgan to the new reggae sound -- though an artist of Morgan's caliber really needs no introduction, as his voice works on any rhythm put his way. One of the greats of Jamaican music showing the world -- with the help of producer Bunny Lee -- that he can roll with the reggae sound.

1. What a Something
2. Don't Blame the Man
3. Hey Little Girl
4. Seeing a Girl Is Not Knowing Her
5. My Snow Ball Baby
6. Never Gonna Give Up
7. Keep On Fooling Me
8. I Have Nothing
9. Tell Him I Am Not Home
10. King's Heart
11. Big Two
12. Still Around

CD features 6 additional bonus tracks:
13. The Conqueror
14. I'm Gone (with Hortense Ellis)
15. Feel So Good (with Paulette)
16. Lee's Dream
17. Greedy Gal
18. So Long Baby (with Paulette)

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