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CD: Dr Ring Ding - Nice Again
CD: Dr Ring Ding - Nice Again

CD: Dr Ring Ding - Nice Again

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On this 2007 release, Dr. Ring Ding delivers an overwhelming variety of different Reggae and Dancehall styles through 19 tracks in different languages. Swinging from Rub-A-Dub style to funky-reggae club sounds through rough-edged dancehall and lighter fun-time groovy Reggae tunes, the Good Doctor speaks his mind on world politics and gives his humorous takes on various topics, generally with a conscious credo. From true-blue old-school reggae to current computerized beats or even pop songs, the German veteran of Jamaican music shows off his talent both on his recordings and live on stage.
Label: Kingstone Records / Groove Attack

1. Dancehall Nice Again
2. Sneakers
3. Doctor's Darling
4. Ruff Like a Rock
5. Vom Vatter
6. Friendly Fiyah
7. Lala
8. Millionaire
9. Call Di Doctor (007-Lick)
10. Good Times
11. Wer Kennt die Frau
12. Mafia
13. Ja Watten
14. Bring de Money
15. Badness
16. Cuss Raas
17. Hartchor
18. Bombs Over Baghdad
19. Ruff Like a Rock (Dancehall Mix)

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