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CD: The Slackers - The Radio
CD: The Slackers - The Radio

CD: The Slackers - The Radio

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The Radio is a collection of 11 cover tunes, some famous, some obscure, all beautiful and perfect.

Dave Hillyard from the band says it best:

"Tom from Whatevski heard our cover of 'Strychnine' and got the idea of a radio station where all the songs were the slackers. Hence,'The Radio.' He sent us a list of covers which he thought we could do and then we added some ideas of our own and came to a meeting of the minds about the final list. Cover albums have a bad name in ska cause a lot of the 3rd wave bands would do these 'ironic' covers of songs. Our covers aren't 'ironic.' We are trying to find the truth in the lyrics. We are honestly trying to bring out the best part of songs and do them in a style that is true to our own."

1) Attitude
2) Like a Virgin
3) Strychnine
4) I'm Still Standing
5) Jeepster
6) The Letter
7) Game of Love
8) Reach Out (I'll Be There)
9) Bitch
10) Ganbare
11) Volunteers

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