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CD: V/A - Do the Rock Steady - 1966 to 1968
CD: V/A - Do the Rock Steady - 1966 to 1968

CD: V/A - Do the Rock Steady - 1966 to 1968

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"The greatest man that came from Jamaica and changed the whole beat from ska to rock steady was Lyn Taitt. He was from Trinidad but Byron Lee did come to Jamaica as an organist but he started playing guitar and the rest is history! We should call him Rock Steady... It's Lyn Taitt as he was the man! He played lead guitar and ska at the same time." --Bunny Lee

Rock Steady only lasted for a brief period from 1966 to 1968, but its significance to the subsequent development of Jamaican music is incalculable and it would go on to shape each successive musical movement over the next four decades. DJs, digital and dancehall all stepped to the tune and pace of rhythms whose origins were grounded in the Rock Steady beat and it is impossible to ever overstate its importance, or its beauty. CD features two bonus tracks. Artists include: The Uniques, Roy Shirley & Glen Adams, Cynthia Richards, The Sensations, Delroy Winston, Winston Samuels, Alva "Reggie" Lewis, Slim Smith, and Val Bennett.

01. The Uniques - People Rock Steady
02. Roy Shirley & Glen Adams - Musical Train
03. Glen Adams - Hold Down Miss Winey
04. Cynthia Richards - Forever
05. The Sensations - Right on Time
06. Delroy Wilson - Till I Die
07. The Uniques - The Beatitude
08. Winston Samuels - Don't Believe Him
09. Roy Shirley - Touch Them (Never Let Them Go)
10. Alva 'Reggie' Lewis - Revelation
11. Slim Smith - Love and Devotion
12. Val Bennett - The Russians Are Coming
13. Glen Adams - Run Come Dance
14. The Sensations - Long Time Me No See You Girl

CD Bonus Tracks:
15. Roy Shirley - Warming Up The Scene
16. Glen Adams - Grab a Girl

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