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Lava Rubber Mat: Upsetter Fire Rescue Squad

Lava Rubber Mat: Upsetter Fire Rescue Squad

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We're very proud of our Upsetter Fire Rescue Squad mat, made in collaboration with our good friends at from upcycled Lava Rubber!

Measuring approximately 11 and 5/8" by 8", this 1/4-inch thick mat is great as an extra-large mouse pad, a giant coaster for your drinks, or for its original purpose as a rig mat, your moodmat will protect your table from damage and mess when you’re dealing with sticky shatter wax, oils, and other concentrates.  It cushions the glass from the hard tabletop surface and adds friction, keeping your expensive glass pieces from sliding around.

Since 2011, LAVA RUBBER have been working hard to invent new products & develop solutions for "hard to recycle" waste streams.
They continue to find upcycling answers for the tons of neoprene and other useable scrap headed for a landfill each year, upcycling wetsuits, neoprene sheets, gaskets, weather-stripping, juice pouches, energy bar wrappers, mis-printed yoga pants and other usable scraps.

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