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Skinnerbox: Hepcat Season (7" single)

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1. Hepcat Season
2. I Got To Know

In 1994, King Django issued the toasting challenge with the Stubborn All-Stars'Open Season. Nearly four years passed and the King's "Put Down the Pistols and the Rifles" announced that he was "seeking no battles" on the title track of the Stubborn All-Stars' Back With A New Batch, and moved on to better things. FIVE YEARS LATER, LA ska band Hepcat very belatedly responded to "Open Season" with "Open Season...Is Closed." Now hear King Django's quick and merciless revenge. The King lyrically thrashes the competition in his rapid-fire authentic ska toasting style over Skinnerbox's rough and ready ridim. Written, recorded, mixed, and sent off to the pressing plant in one day, this record shouts "put your money where your mouth is!" On side B, Django and the Skinnerbox boys slide on through with the fresh three-part vocal harmonies of "I Got To Know." Authentic ska in the Stubborn tradition, as hard as only Skinnerbox can deliver.

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