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Bomb Town: ?!INTERROBANG?! (CD)
Bomb Town: ?!INTERROBANG?! (CD)

Bomb Town: ?!INTERROBANG?! (CD)

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Exploding from the New Jersey underground, Bomb Town propels the listener through a fiery adventure - a multi-textured, graffiti-covered landscape of musical pyrotechnics. Their brand new second album entitled “?!INTERROBANG?!” (on Stubborn Records) is set to blow up in the winter of 2008, bringing their unique brand of Reggae-influenced Punk Rock to the masses.

In 2002 lead singer Tommi Infamous hatched a nefarious plot to ignite the Jersey scene. He assembled a crack team equipped with a devastating arsenal of potent punk, ruthless hardcore, dirty dub bombs, dancehall dynamite and mysterious secret weapons heretofore unknown. After 3 years of rigorous training and many successful field missions, the original team entrenched to construct their deadly debut CD “Logical Reality,” launched by Megalith Records in 2005. Continued regional forays raised the profile of the unit who became renowned for their heavy, rhythmic take-no-prisoners policy and volatile stage show.

With thoughts of unleashing ever more havoc, Tommi and the Bomb Town Crew underwent special training under the formidable King Django at his Version City stronghold. Here, the squadron was expanded to exploit the arcane killing techniques of such esteemed combatants as the legendary Django himself, German ska/reggae/dancehall assassin Dr. Ring Ding and mystic warrior Rocker T. Special agents Weatherman, Crusader Lion and Jay Boxcar were also recruited for this new program of terror, as well as top-secret super-sniper Ras Aiden. The result: the lethal, brain-melting 14-track weapon of mass destruction that is ?!INTERROBANG?! In 2008, always on the look-out for opportunities to ambush the unsuspecting public, Tommi appeared on FUSE TV's musical dating show "You Rock Let's Roll." He has also written a jingle for the soon-to-be-popular malt liquor energy drink JOOSE.

Through the experience of creating the ?!INTERROBANG?! weapon, Bomb Town has entered a new phase of collective creativity and controlled chaos. Some brave but battle-weary soldiers have fallen along the way while new, fresh fighters have risen to take their place. The core of the crew is currently Tommi Infamous - lead vocals, King Stout - guitar, Scraggle Rock - drums, Joey G - bass, and Crash "the Shapeshifter" Milane - keyboards.

Jewel case, 8-panel foldout poster.

Track Listing:
1. Undertaker
2. Acid Raindance
3. Fire Come Down
4. Babylon Girl
5. Lyrics by the Ton
6. Chop Shop
7 .Bad Man Action
8. Touch Me Wid It
9. Nother Cop Done
10. Dub Stuck
11. The Devil and the Lord of Hosts
12. Next Finger
13. Melt Your Brain
14. Beer Sluts

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