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Stubborn All-Stars: Nex Music (CD)

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One of the leaders in the third wave's fascination with traditional ska, frontman King Django and crew incorporate rhythm & blues and soul, among others, into their finely crafted sound. Sure to win over anybody that wants to smile, be uplifted, and just dance. Their third full-length, but first for Stubborn Records, NEX MUSIC finds the band still shining bright and proving that "Ska's not dead, it's stubborn."

1. Take Your Chances
2. From Time To Time
3. Buccaneer Bay
4. Saturday Night
5. Coeur Blesse
6. I'll Never Go Back Home
7. No Hay Luz
8. Wash Away Evil
9. True Mental
10. Not Like A Star
11. Grand Masters
12. The Road Song
13. Dub Like A Star

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