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The Soul Merchants: ...If You Like Music (CD)
The Soul Merchants: ...If You Like Music (CD)

The Soul Merchants: ...If You Like Music (CD)

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Stubborn Records is proud to present to you a brand new CD from Connecticut's own Soul Merchants! These guys play a genre-blending mix of music that keeps listeners interested from song to song. There's a whole heap of authentic Ska, Reggae, and Rocksteady. Then there's some funky, back-beat Soul that hits you right in the seat of your pants, making you wanna bust a move, no matter where you are. The best thing about the Merchants' style, however, is the way they're able to take these old styles of music and make them live and breathe in 2007. This album doesn't live in the past, the band puts their own unique stamp on the music and makes it their own. The songwriting sensibility is thoroughly modern and American. It's old-school music for people who didn't go to the old school.

The album sounds gorgeous, and was tastefully and warmly produced. It was recorded at the legendary Version City studio in New Brunswick, NJ by the man himself, King Django. Django also contridubtes a trio of wicked dub tracks to the 18 song set. Another old Version City friend, Germany's Dr. Ring Ding, makes a guest appearance chatting inna raggamuffin stylee on a hot track!

This CD has EVERYTHING you'd expect from a Stubborn Records release, and them some! And this CD is a Stubborn Exclusive, so get them right here from the source before we run out!!!

Track list:
1. Charter Oak Bridge
2. How Do You Do It?
3. At First Sight
4. I Stand Corrected
5. Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
6. Here I Go Again
7. Every Time
8. Standing Invitation
9. Send Him Home
10. In The Lead
11. X-Amount of Love
12. Good Enough
13. Sauce Chronicles
14. Swing Or Tan (Feat. Dr. Ring Ding)
15. Love Not War
16. In The Dub
17. Dub 'Em If You Got 'Em
18. X-Amount of Dub

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