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V/A: Version City (CD)
V/A: Version City (CD)

V/A: Version City (CD)

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The record that started it all!
This collaboration features a host of New York City’s finest, best-known and most productive ska musicians getting busy together, building tracks at Stubborn’s Version City Studio. The end result is something entirely new and unique, something that could only happen in Version City.

In 1997 the New York City Ska scene exploded with a sound which shook the world. With the success of bands such as Skinnerbox, Stubborn All-Stars, The Toasters, The Scofflaws, Mephiskapheles, The Slackers, and The Insteps, the New York sound has definitely made an indelible and global impression on ska music. For the past year Stubborn Records’ new Version City Studio has been a hotbed of creativity. Members of all of these bands and more have been colliding at impromptu recording sessions and jamming together at Stubborn’s bi-weekly Version City dances. The Version City concept has fostered a level of interplay and activity which has not been seen in ska since Kingston, Jamaica in the 1960’s.

Track Listing:
1. Cocaine - Lord Sluggo and The Demanders
2. Lifeboat - King Django
3. Bread Alone - Crazy Baldhead featuring Saint Edward and Rocker T (Rocker-T.)
4. Motel Room - Lord Sluggo
5. Ua Hele Kakou - Selika and Django
6. Stages - Crazy Baldhead featuring Saint Edward
7. Gravity - Vic’s Pick
8. Mutiny - The Lonely Boys introducing Mush One
9. Midnight Version - Selika and Django
10. Papa Told Me - Lord Sluggo
11. Damage - Vic’s Pick
12. One Fe His Majesty - Rocker T
13. What’s The Use - King Django
14. Version City Rockers - Crazy Baldhead featuring Saint Edward
15. Baby - Selika Drake
16. Disco Envy - Vic’s Pick

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